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Virtual Reality Workshop Mike Seymour (The University of Sydney /
Virtual reality, or VR, is part of a push to new forms of computer interfacing. For many it is just an exciting step on the way to fully immersive, yet blended virtual environments. This workshop will show a range of hands-on VR examples and outline why Facebook felt compelled to invest $2billion in Oculus Rift, and why Microsoft and Google are investing in excess of $500M to explore newer technologies that will go even further. The applications of this technology range from Medical procedures, to architecture, education and of course entertainment.
Mike Seymour will present the latest research from the USA and discuss some of the problems with this very new field. There will be hands-on demos as well as discussions and activities around what we can and can’t (yet) do with affordable VR. This session will aim to build on Skip Rizzo’s morning session in a very interactive way.
Envisioning the workplace of the future, Activity Based Working and beyond Anthony Henry (Macquarie Bank)
A workplace project can take 3 years from conception to delivery. The lease for the workspace may be up to 15 years. This means we’re designing a space for people working in 2033. What will work be like in 2033? Is Activity Based Working the key? What lies beyond Activity Based Working as a model for the future?

In this session we tap into the collective intelligence of the group to unlock the future. Through a series of Design Thinking exercises we will use our creativity to explore multiple scenarios that may hold the key to better understanding the adjacent possible. We’ll prototype and test our ideas with the opportunity for all participants to continue the exploration in their own personal and professional circles of influence.

This could be a game changer!

Disrupting Design for Digital Inclusion Anne Bartlett-Bragg (Ripple Effect Group), James Dellow (Ripple Effect Group), Robyn Linkhorn (Ripple Effect Group) and Jakkii Musgrave (Ripple Effect Group)
At present, most digital disruption is being driven by the mainstream community, dominated by a focus on alternative methods of engaging in everyday processes to make them more user-focused. This approach has created an exclusion zone where people with disabilities are unable to participate or benefit from the digital advances that disruption can bring.

Taking an inclusive design approach, our workshop will apply the same design thinking principles that is used to solve everyday problems and aim to develop concepts for an app to improve independent living for those living with disabilities.

BITIL: An Enterprise Social Master Class Scott Ward (Digital Infusions)
Social technologies are one of the most powerful business tools ever created yet most organisations are struggling to use them effectively. Born from years of research and experimentation, the BITIL Framework is providing numerous organisations with the building blocks to take their business objectives and build executable strategies in the social space.

Targeted at enterprise social leaders and users, this advanced session covers:

  • Whats in it for us? How to have senior conversations around value
  • The three outcomes of social: identifying organisational objectives to targeted using enterprise social.
  • The five components of a social business Strategy: BITIL Social Business Framework Action Planing: Pulling the pieces together to build a targeted plan
Drive Performance – The Surprising Insights about Collaboration Cai Kjaer (Optimice) and Agustin Chevez (HASSELL)
Through this two hour workshop we’ll expose you to a series of surprising insights about collaboration, how you measure it and how it will make you rethink what you do at work.

For example:

  • When email is a barrier for virtual collaboration – we reveal the tool that truly connects employees across organisational boundaries
  • Engineering collaboration through use of physical space – learn how to avoid email overload by moving just 6 meters
  • Getting real about measuring Enterprise Social Networks – stop counting number of postings and learn what really matters
  • The shape of a high-performing team’s social network – learn how to crank up your team’s performance by improving the depth and breadth of your team’s relationships inside and outside the team.
The Anti Panel 2.0: Disrupting Sydney Simon Terry (Free agent), Kai Riemer (The University of Sydney) and Matt Moore (PwC)
Do you want to understand how disruption can play out both for good and for bad? Then roll your sleeves up for the DISRUPT.SYDNEY anti-panel. This is a hands-on workshop not for the faint-hearted or the work-shy. In this workshop you will leverage insights gained from the morning sessions as you explore and experiment with the disruption that changes can bring. In the anti-panel we will work in teams and it will get personal – after all it is important to understand how disruption will affect our own lives and future. Join our team of facilitators in what has proven to be an exciting and engaging session in the past two instalments of DISRUPT.SYDNEY.