“Disruption for Good” – Join us for DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2015:

In its 3rd third year, DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ is Australia’s first and oldest disruption conference. This year we are going to explore the implications of digital disruption for business, society and our everyday lives, under the theme “Disruption for Good”.

Digital Disruption is typically associated with the various challenges new technologies and business ideas bring to incumbent organisations and the jobs in established industries. And while digital technologies certainly bring challenges, there are equally many opportunities to shape our lives for good.

DISRUPT.SYDNEY.15 will feature a keynote, five TED-style short talks, a number of hands-on workshops, an interactive “Futuring” session and ample opportunity for networking over coffee and drinks. Take a look at our program, which features the following highlights:

  • Keynote address by Antony Funnell (ABC Radio National) on Digital Disruption
  • Short talk by Anthony Henry (Macquarie Bank) on Activity-based Working
  • Two short talks on the implications of Digital Disruption for rural regions in both Australia and China
  • Short talk by Skip Rizzo (USC) on Virtual Reality (VR) in working with war veterans in trauma therapy
  • Workshops on Activity-based working, Digital Design for social inclusion, Enterprise Social, and Collaboration
  • A tutorial on VR technologies
  • The famous DISRUPT.SYDNEY Anti-Panel (in its 2.0 version)

Finally, to give you an idea about the vibe and buzz at DISRUPT.SYDNEY, take a look at last year’s highlights:

If you are interested to relive the experience of the past two years, visit the websites of the 2013 and 2014 events, which host videos of all the talks, keynotes and plenary sessions: